Publications by Volkhard Wehner

Many of the books and booklets listed below are no longer in print.

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Books and booklets

St Matthew's Olinda

1978, 12 pages

Olinda A Pictorial History of the First Century of Settlement

1995, 84 pages

Stumps, Ruts and Cottage Gardens

1999, 60 pages

Edna Walling's Folly Farm

2000, 48 pages

Elizabeth The Long Journey from Rose Bay to her German Garden

2002, 17 pages

Joyous Garden2003, 59 pages

Letters from Ireland

2004, 27 pages

A Melbourne Doctor

2004, 553 pages

Art in Design

2005, 11 pages

Gardens in the Clouds

2005, 136 pages

Tea and Charity

2006, 50 pages

A Year in My Garden

2008, 312 pages

Arthur Streeton of Longacres

2008, 343 pages

Heimat Melbourne

2010, 339 pages

Old Hartwell

2012, 367 pages

A Forgotten Hero of the Great War

2015, 147 pages


The German-speaking community of Victoria between 1850 and 1930

2018, 292 pages
Published by Lit Verlag, Berlin, Germany
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The text of this book is available in its original digital format at:

The Socialistischer Verein Vorwärts

2020, 41 pages

The Leongatha Labour Colony and its Antecedents in Bismarck's Germany

2022, 92 pages

2023, 20 pages

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Journal and newspaper articles

A number of articles, several of them on artists, have been published from 2000 onwards in the following serial publications: Ranges Trader Mail; Woorilla; Australian Garden History; Qi; and Camberwell History.


Recent articles 

An artist with ‘an acute sense of the poetic in nature’: the landscape painter Victor Zelman (1877-1958).  

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Work in progress

Margaret Tuckett, known as ‘Mrs Arthur Tuckett’: Australian pioneer gardening writer and garden designer

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